The Villain

Villain-the main bad character in a story or plot/a criminal or someone who has offended the law.-dictionary

I personally think a villain is not only in a story or one who has offended the law,I believe a villain is anyone who is or was responsible for a bad situation,(bad situation in my case-heartbreak,emotional distress or sabotage not physical pain), why am i talking about a villain?because every once in a while we are the villain but we don’t realize it,yes remember the day you said all those bad stuff about someone or that day you decided she wasn’t enough and you just had to cheat on her?…everything we do matters, the smallest decisions matter,we go ahead and act like we are doing something good maybe you didn’t know it but when you cheated or bullied her/him you were the villain.

The thing is lets think before we act, some of the things we do might seem innocent but we don’t know how the person on the other side is feeling,we might be the reason she cry’s herself to sleep or the reasons his so depressed,our voice and decisions should not be the reason others lack peace,before doing something lets think about how it would feel if you were the one being hurt lets not be the villain,am not saying we can all be heroes or heroines but we can try to be better people,we can try to avoid breaking others hope and trust.


I remember when I was in secondary school my friend said something to me that i did not like my reaction to the situation was even worse than what she said i got myself busy telling everyone about it ..I realized i was the villain cause i was the one increasing the spread of the story just to make her feel bad and am pretty sure she never forgot how I made her feel ,my emphasis is if i just stopped and thought about what she said and got over it right there i wouldn’t have gotten everyone against her i bet how she felt was worse than how I felt :(.


Am now going to talk about cheating,unfaithfulness,playing call it whatever you can,mostly people will talk about the victim getting it together and moving on but i will talk about the villain and his/her mistakes.It sucks to love someone and have them betray you..if you know your being the villain in your relationship imagine if you were the one being filled with false promises, imagine trusting someone for a long time just to have the break your heart its not fair,lets avoid being the reason behind other peoples nightmares and fears,if you are dating someone and your tired of them or you lost interest just let them go,save them the pain and anguish.

if we have been the villain before(the cheater,the bully,the back stabber) lets learn from our mistakes….


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