Acceptance is the true key to be free -Katy Perry
I cannot disagree the only green card to freedom is acceptance(letting go).Once we accept who we are,what we have,what we can’t change,where we are and what we don’t have, that’s when we are truly content.Accepting our mistakes makes us stronger,somethings in life can never change a good example is the past, the past can not be erased, deleted or rewritten but yet we dwell in it, we have to understand that the past is the past,you can’t regret something for the rest of your life…let it go you can only change what is ahead of you, boys man up and ladies wear your big girl pants or shoes get up and face it, we are all human we are going to make a lot of mistakes some will haunt us for the rest of our lives but let’s not stop there move on and accept it no matter how hard it is, everything is possible in this small little big world, no matter who you are,you’re the master of your own destiny.



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